Our Ideology

The first type of education must be nurtured in the heart and spirit of a child, by the parents or guardian, is the edification of moral, compassion, etiquettes and wisdom. During one’s lifetime, the process of edification is continuous, not just from parents or guardian, but also from teachers, friends and others we come in contact with. Only then the child will grow up to be a figure who embodies the spirit of humanity, using academic and heuristic education to further improve the quality of life of the society.

The roles of preserving, extending and disseminating the edification of moral values are the responsibility of every individual, young and old. This is why the first focus of JoyAmaze® Philanthropy is dedicated to the allocation of a certain percentage of sales, and company profit for educational activities promoting spiritual edification whilst spreading the positive energy of moral, compassion, etiquettes and wisdom through our social media platforms.

Family Unit

The role of a family unit is the greatest to impact a person’s emotional and spiritual health, young and adult alike. Time well spent with engaging activities build strong connections of love between all family members. This is also the best moment to pass on the positive moral values to your children or other young family members.



We live in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. Social interaction and civic engagement, especially among young ones are important to nurture toleration, compassion, respect, empathy and understanding about the different way of life and belief. This is the time to promote diversity and open-mindedness and cherish the individual uniqueness within the community.

World Peace

A world without conflicts, war, war crimes, discrimination, genocides and other atrocities against humanity is attainable. By nurturing compassionate and benevolent societies we can make this world a better place - a peaceful and happier place, one community at a time.


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