JoyAmaze was founded with the mission to promote Live Life Better to the World.




YEAR 2013

JoyAmaze Inc, USA was founded by Mr. Lewnegie & his siblings in year 2013 where our office is located in the famous city of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

This amazing company that uniquely promoting functional coffee at that time was set to build amazing life around the world with excellent products and establish education, social works and philanthropic foundation.

YEAR 2015

In year 2015, JoyAmaze Sdn Bhd Malaysia was founded where more functional beverages were launched and promoted in retail market like Tesco hypermarket, Watson personal care store, pharmacies, medical halls, convenience store and various retail outlets.


YEAR 2018

JoyAmaze India Pvt Ltd started with a better business model. In business partnership with Gano Excel, one of the leading network marketing companies in the world, JoyAmaze India is focusing on people network marketing business where Mr. Lewnegie and his top executive team members have more than 100 years of experiences combined, especially great success experience in many countries.


Today, JoyAmaze India starts with Stronger Foundation, Higher Confidence & Greater Readiness to Achieve Sustainable Success in India.

Team Work

The Noble Mission of JoyAmaze

To promote Live Life Better to many people has been the reason of JoyAmaze’s existence till today. JoyAmaze is set to build amazing life around the world through our great people with whom we produce excellent products and establish education, social works and philanthropic foundation. JoyAmaze is vision to be one of the world's largest and healthiest* organizations that builds a better world for humanity.

*A person's health is measured by his physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, so does an organization. The social position of JoyAmaze is reflected by its superior quality holistic health products that synergistically complement JoyAmaze social work, education and philanthropic activities that will help enhance people's physical, mental and spiritual health and their social well-being.

JoyAmaze India Pvt Ltd

No. 126, 5th Floor, BNT Towers,
Nelson Manickam Road,
Chennai 600029,
Tamil Nadu, India.


Customer Care: 044 48657060